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Direct Thermal Labels Guide

Direct Thermal Labels - Label Metrics Ltd

There are two main different types of labels which include the thermal transfer type and also direct thermal labels.

Direct thermal labels use heat to activate a coating on the label thus changing certain areas black to make the required image. This is made possible as the self adhesive labels are heat sensitive and when passed through the print head of the machine the product darkens to leave an image or text on the label.


Black Mark Labels - Label Metrics Ltd


Label printers generally sense gaps between labels but some have the option of  a reflective  sensor that recognises black lines or black marks printed on the back of the label liner web generally in the same location as the gap in the labels on the face side.


The black mark triggers the printer to print each label.  Black marks are very  useful when labels have no gap in-between each label, or are separated  by a perforation or the labels are clear. Clear labels even with a gap do not allow the optical sensor to sense the gaps between labels contrast between the labels and line . By using the black mark method the printer can sense each label & this allows thermal transfer printing onto clear polypropylene labels using a wax resin or full resin ribbon.




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